About us

About us

At Les Filles et les Garçons de la Tech, we are convinced that it’s people that make the difference. So we don’t just talk – we get involved. Day in and day out, we are driven by strong values that we share with our staff and customers, including a people-centred approach, expertise, commitment and social activism.

Les Filles et Les Garçons de la Tech, IT’S SIMPLE, IT’S FUN AND IT’S SERIOUS.

It’s simple and it’s ingenious because all our services are made to measure by proposing the perfect blend of consulting, agile solutions and working remotely or on our customer’s site.

It’s fun, of course, because quality of life at work is a priority for us, and because we see our commitments through by ensuring that our company has a positive impact on society and the environment.

It’s serious, because technology involves precise knowledge, and all our experts are certified and united around the single goal of achieving customer satisfaction

We are a socially oriented business and our commitments are set out in our articles of association.