Kubernetes (K8s) is an open source project launched by Google in 2015 and the new standard for your Cloud Native infrastructure and application deployment.


Scalability and flexibility

Scalability is automatic as it is pre-configured. The number of instances adapts to your needs in real time. You only use what you need.

Standardisation and customisation

Kubernetes uses standard interfaces. You can choose your storage solution and network, and use customised resources in Kubernetes.

High availability

The Kubernetes native mechanisms provide service continuity during application updates.  High availability is guaranteed on the Kubernetes cluster and the aspects that compose it.

Les Filles et Les Garçons de la Tech are experts with  CKA*, CKS** and CKAD*** certification.

*Certificated Kubernetes Administrator
**Certificated Kubernetes Security Specialist

*** Certified Kubernetes Application Developer

Why choose Les Filles & Les Garçons? 

Our Kubernetes experts will help you to migrate while improving and securing your infrastructure. We work with you to build the Cloud Native architecture best suited to your requirements.

  • Top-level Kubernetes expertise
  • Application of best practice for the security of your environment
  • Integration of Kubernetes in the automated software factory
  • Support for the migration of all types of applications
  • DevOps and Lean approach for your teams and projects
  • Kubernetes training for your teams

modernising their entire IS, Richardson contacted us for technical, methodological and organisational support for switching from a majority COBOL IS to a Cloud Native IS.

    • Definition of target architecture and road map to achieve it
    • Implementation of a fully automated software factory
    • Definition and implementation of Kubernetes clusters for each environment
    • Application of best security practices for the creation of Docker Images
    • Support in moving to an agile project management approach